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5 Ways to Tie a Scarf Like a European

Aside from keeping your neck warm, scarves have a wide variety of uses. They can take a simple outfit and transform it from drab to exciting in an instant. When incorporated correctly into the right outfit, scarves can make great statement pieces that add a great deal of colour, texture, and flair. Europeans—specifically French and Italian women—are masters of perfectly incorporating high-quality silk scarves into their ensembles to the extent that they’re often idolized for their high fashion sense.

Keep reading for great tips on wearing scarves inspired by European styles.

The Classic French Knot

There’s a reason the French style is held to a high standard and Parisian designers in general are placed on a pedestal in the high fashion industry. They come up with innovative and unique style ideas like the French Knot. To tie your scarf like the French, fold the scarf into a thin band then wrap it around your neck. Next, cross the two ends of the band behind your neck and place the ends in front of your neck. Lastly, tie the knot under your chin and turn the scarf slightly to whichever side you prefer.

The Casual Over the Shoulder Look

Another major trend in European scarf wear is the casual over the shoulder look, which is perfect for adding a little sense of style to every ensemble. This is an easy and casual style that can be worn as loosely as you want for optimal style and comfort.

The Triangle

Tying your scarf into a triangle shape adds an extra layer of depth to your ensemble. This look works great if you’re wearing a V-neck top with a light leather jacket and jeans. Start by folding the scarf into a triangle shape and then place it in front of your neck. Make sure the pointed tip is facing downward and tie the ends behind your neck.

Wear It As a Belt

Many European women have also taken to wearing their scarves as a stylish belt. This has more to do with form rather than functionality, but it still serves as a great focal point and creates a unique look for a lot of fashionistas. Whether you’re wearing pants with belt hoops at the waist or a fitted or flowy skirt, tying a print silk Italian scarf around your waist can help you achieve the look you’re going for.

The Loop Tie

Taking a cue out of Kate Middleton’s book—a modern day style icon and respected Royal—the simple loop tie is an easy and fashionable look to pull off. Just roll the scarf into a tube shape (similar to how girl guides wear them). Place the rolled scarf on the base of your neck and loop the ends together in the front to add a flash of colour depth to any outfit.

Want more ideas and tips for wearing European scarves?

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