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How to Dress Like a European Woman

European FashionEuropean fashion is often held to a much higher standard than any other continent in the world. Of course, this isn’t surprising considering that three of the recognizable “Big Four” fashion capital cities of the world—Milan, Paris, London, and New York—just happen to be located in European countries. Europeans take great pride in their appearances, which is why they frequently dress well. Somehow, they manage to accomplish this without necessarily sacrificing their comfort in the process. After all, many European cities are built for walking or alternative forms of transportation like bike riding, so that means locals have to dress appropriately for walking conditions and the weather.

Are you planning on visiting Europe sometime soon and want to learn how to fit in rather than stand out as a tourist? Here are some great tips for dressing like a European woman, so that you don’t have to worry about standing out too much.

Wear Well-Fitted Clothing

Believe it or not, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to dress like a true European fashionista. Oftentimes, European women shop in popular department stores and purchase fairly reasonably priced clothing. In fact, many of the brands they wear are available in North America as well. The core difference between how European women and North American women dress has more to do with fit than brand names.

European women typically like to wear clothing that’s perfectly fitted for their specific body types. And if they can’t find the right fit, then a trip to the tailor for slight alterations will create the perfect fit. Skinny jeans paired with slightly baggy overcoats are very popular in most European countries right now. Paired with a high quality Italian scarf and other accessories, you can breathe life and add your own flair to any outfit.

Class It Up with Neutral Tones

Neutral tones like blue, brown, white, black, and green are very common in many European women’s wardrobes. Of course, they also like to add pops of colour here and there by accessorizing with beautiful Italian fabrics like silk and high quality leather, so you don’t necessarily have to shy away from bright colours and bold prints. Just try not to overdo it. When it comes to prints and colours in European fashion, a little can go a very long way. Try to stick to neutral tones and understated dresses especially when visiting certain religious institutions and landmarks like government buildings and churches.

Keep in mind that some historic and religious buildings like the Vatican may require men and women to wear long sleeved clothing to cover their shoulders, chests, and forearms and pants, long dresses, and skirts that are no shorter than knee length. Whether or not you agree with these dress codes is irrelevant. When visiting other countries, it’s important to respect their local dress code rules and regulations.

Wear Comfortable, But Stylish Walking Shoes

Europeans tend to do a lot of walking, which is the main reason a lot of them are in such great shape, because their cities’ infrastructures are designed for it. North Americans often wonder how all those European women wear high-heeled shoes like stilettos on those cobblestone roads without tripping and falling flat on their faces or breaking a heel. The simple answer is that they’re just used to it.

Even if you work in downtown Toronto and wear power heels every day for work, it’s not the same as braving the porous cobblestone walkways of most European cities. The best thing you can do is purchase comfortable, but stylish walking shoes for your trip because you’re most likely going to do a lot of walking. Bring along a nice pair of low heels, wedges, or flats for those fancy evening outings, but you should always be prepared to walk long distances. Many tourists pack a pair of memory foam insoles to reduce foot fatigue, pain, and blistering.

Accessorize with Beautiful Italian Scarves and Jewellery

Italian silk scarves paired with beautiful jewellery and a high-end handbag that also doubles as a protective carrier for your valuables are a great way to add a little personal flair and character to your outfits. Combine a neutral button-down shirt and black denim skinny jeans with a beautiful and bold printed colourful silk scarf to add intrigue. Be careful with what kind of jewellery you wear, however. When travelling through Europe, it’s better to bring nice looking costume jewellry rather than real gold or silver with you.

Avoid Wearing Noticeable North American Branded Clothing

North American brands and clothing with slogans on it like team jerseys are a dead giveaway that you’re a tourist. If you want to blend in with the European crowds, then make an effort to forgo this type of obviously branded clothing altogether and opt for more neutral or slogan-free options instead. Nothing screams you’re from a different country than wearing sports memorabilia from your hometown or city.

All in all, simplicity is the key to dressing like a European woman and blending in as much as possible. There’s no need for ostentatiousness when travelling to Europe, but you should also make an effort to look well put together. If you’re looking for beautiful and unique style inspiration for your next European adventure, browse the Orietta Polo Collections line on our website.

Orietta Polo Collections is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind high-end Italian fashion accessories including silk scarves, genuine leather handbags, silk neckties, and jewellery. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more. a

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8 Reasons You Need Real Italian Luxury Silk Scarves in Your Life (Your Wardrobe Will Thank You!)

Italian Scarf

Italian ScarfKnown as the City of Silk, Italy’s scenic and idyllic Lake Como is the epicenter of European silk production. About 85% of the silk used for various industries across Italy, including high fashion, is produced in Como. Seventy percent of the silk used throughout the rest of Europe is also produced there. In fact, Italy has a rich history of producing beautiful high-quality fabrics that are made to last a lifetime. That type of attention to detail and reverence for keeping tradition alive is the main driving force behind Italy’s thriving fashion industry and its world-renown high standards. When it comes to fashion, the term “Made in Italy” signifies high quality, longevity, and attention to detail. That’s why luxury Italian silk scarves are an important staple in every modern fashion lover’s wardrobe.

Italy’s Commitment to Quality

Centuries ago, silk was cultivated directly from Lake Como, but the economic downfall caused by two World Wars forced Italian fashion designers to abandon their local sources and form a partnership with Chinese silkworm providers instead. Following World War II, silkworms were transported from China to Italy through what’s historically called The Silk Road—a famous network of water and land-based trade passageways.

Given Lake Como’s ideal climate for silkworm breeding and the cultivation of mulberry trees in the area which the worms consume for survival, modern silk production companies are working toward localizing the practice of silkworm breeding once again.

With that in mind, here are six reasons why you should invest in luxury silk Italian scarf fashions online.

Designs Are Made in Italy

Even though the silkworms themselves are still currently being bred in China and transported to Italy, the designs of the scarves are manufactured in Italy’s Lake Como region using traditional threading, spinning, and colouring practices. In addition connoting a high standard of quality, the Made in Italy label on Italian silk scarves and other products is emblematic of the longstanding tradition of supporting local artisans and designers.

Luxury Silk You Can Feel

Italian silk production isn’t just an industry practice; it’s considered an art form that Italians take great pride in. From the weaving and spinning of the threads to the designs and colours printed on the scarves, even the minutest details are carefully executed to ensure the utmost highest quality end product and this is evident in the texture of the scarves.

Luxury Italian Silk Scarves Are Sustainable

Some Italian silk production companies have already gone back to the customary method of using locally grown silkworms to cultivate the yarn that is then woven into silk. This is both an economically and environmentally sustainable practice as it relies on the use of local silkworms rather than having them transported or imported from China.

Supporting Local Family-Owned Businesses

Many of the silk production factories and businesses throughout Italy have been family-owned and operated for generations. Their work can be seen in the form of stunning silk tapestries hanging in cathedrals as well as on an international scale for upholstery, bedding, clothing, and a lot more. When you purchase made in Italy silk scarves, you’re directly or indirectly supporting those families and sporting the fruit of their labour.

Given the strenuous and elaborate threading and printing process, a luxury silk scarf can take about six months to fabricate. But the result is well worth it if it means enabling local Italian families to pass down their traditions from one generation to the next. It also gives you a meaningful and high-quality family heirloom to pass down to your next of kin as well, one that transcends current fashion trends and will never go out of style.

Unique Italian Designs

Trends come and go, but unique Italian designs are forever. When you invest in a high-quality Italian silk scarf, you know you’re getting something truly special. High-end silk scarves can last a lifetime and are made to be compatible with a wide range of personal tastes. The right silk scarf can be used to create an effortless sophisticated look that can easily transition from professional or casual daytime wear to eveningwear.

Luxury Italian Scarves Help You Keep Up with Seasonal Styles

Available in a wide range of colour palettes, designs, and patterns, high-end luxury Italian silk scarves help you stay on top of seasonal trends and styles. Silk scarves can be embroidered and paired with stunning pieces of jewellery to help tie them into any ensemble or they can be made to stand out as a statement piece in and of their own merits.

Versatile Styles

Versatility is another great reason to invest in a real Italian silk scarf. They can be worn as headbands; hair ties in a low ponytail, bun, or even woven into a beautiful long braid; or they can be worn as a fashion accessory around your neck, on your wrist, or on your purse. Silk scarves can even be worn as a stylish belt around the waist to add a stunning pop of colour and intrigue and create an enviable hourglass silhouette. No matter what your fashion sense or mood dictates for the day, adding a real Italian silk scarf to your outfit is a great way to make you stand out from the fold.

Italian Silk Scarves Are Timeless

As mentioned, luxury Italian silk scarves transcend modern trends and time simultaneously. In the 1950s, the beautiful and iconic Italian actress, Sophia Loren, popularized the incorporation of silk scarves into modern fashion. Paired with a tight fitting top, long knee-length pencil skirt, and oversized sunglasses, her look is now considered to be the epitome of a classic and timeless beauty.

Adding a real Italian made silk scarf to your wardrobe gives you endless options to transform regular outfits from bland to outstanding.

Orietta Polo Collections is a high-end online Italian fashion line owned by a mother-daughter team. Our designs are 100% authentically made in Italy. We design and create each piece including beautiful Italian silk scarves, ties, jewellery, purses, and pocket squares. All of our designs are handcrafted in limited quantities, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Browse our online catalogue or contact us to learn more!

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How Is European Fashion Different from American Fashion?

European Fashion

While there are a few distinct differences in American vs. European fashion, there are certainly a lot of similarities as well. It’s hard to avoid these similarities or even completely ignore them considering that most of the world’s fashion trends are created by the same large conglomerate companies. When we ask how European fashion is different from American fashion, what we’re really asking about is the differences in cultural perceptions and use of clothing. In reality, Americans and Europeans probably have a lot more in common than you might think. It’s also important to note that fashion trends vary from state to state across America and from country to country across Europe.

Cultural Differences

Cultural differences largely influence the way people dress and in Europe, people who come from different countries and different regions are likely to also dress differently according to their upbringing, financial situation, or their surroundings. The same thing can be said for Americans.

Although, there is one key difference in the way Europeans dress. Europeans tend to dress to impress and are very rarely seen dressing for comfort. In fact, even when they’re dressing for comfort, they still make a point of putting together a well-tailored outfit by adding in nice accessories like a silk scarf, jewellery, or even neckties.

Features of American Fashion

American fashion tends to be more laid back. In recent years, it’s become more socially and culturally acceptable for people to don activewear in public. This includes sweat pants, yoga pants, hoodies, running shoes, sandals, sweat shirts, etc. This would never be acceptable in most European countries unless you’re out for a run, headed to the gym to work out, or just finished a workout.

For the most part, American fashion is also a lot simpler and less flashy. American men don’t usually wear a lot of accessories or jewellery.

Features of European Fashion

European fashion style is typically more sophisticated and well thought out. People like to dress nicely and often wear custom-tailored or well-fitted clothing no matter where they’re going. They also follow certain dress codes, social expectations, and etiquette in public places to avoid standing out too much from the crowd. Europeans are more drawn to high-end designer labels and they take great care of their clothing.

Of course, these are all generalizations and popular perceptions of both American and European fashion styles. It’s important to note that both continents have their fair share of well-known fashion hubs. In America, New York and Los Angeles reign supreme in the fashion industry. Europe, on the other hand, boasts having three of the Big Four fashion capitals of the world—Paris, London, and Milan (the fourth one is New York).

Orietta Polo Collections is a family-owned and operated European-inspired fashion enterprise based in North America. We manufacture and sell one-of-a-kind high-end fashion accessories like beautiful genuine leather purses, handbags, jewellery, Italian silk scarves, neckties, and more. All of our designs are made to order in Italy and shipped to North America. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.

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How to Up Your Style Game in 2020 by Wearing Italian Silk Scarves as Hair Accessories

Italian Scarf

Italian ScarfFashion trends come and go, but perhaps one of the most enduring beauty accessories over the past few decades is the Italian silk scarf. Worn by such highly regarded and admired style icons like the sophisticated classic beauty Grace Kelly, the charming Audrey Hepburn, and the voluptuous and exotic Sophia Loren, the silk scarf is a timeless fashion accessory that has the versatility and power to make a bold statement through the art of style.

From the classic Thelma and Louise-style headscarf to bracelets, neckwear, belts, sashes, and more, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the versatility of a beautiful European scarf. That’s what makes the silk scarf so unique. It has the power to quite literally transform any outfit into whatever the wearer wants it to be. You can go from work casual to evening wear with the same silk scarf simply by changing the way you wear it, which is why so many Instagram fashion influencers love it.

But perhaps the most popular and lasting fashion statement is wearing a silk scarf as a hair accessory. A wide variety of bright colours, different patterns, bold prints, and solid styles makes it easy to find a beautiful Italian silk scarf for pretty much any occasion. When it comes European-inspired hair styling and accessories, there are so many stunning and distinctive silk scarf options to choose from that you’re bound to find several personal style staples for your collection.

As style experts, we’ve taken the liberty of listing off some of our favourite ways to wear a silk scarf as a hair accessory, so feel free to use any of these ideas!

Bun It Up!

For a chic, yet casual and relaxed look, you can throw your hair up in a loose or tight messy top or low bun and tie a beautiful silk scarf around it. Loosely wrap the scarf around the parameter of the bun a few times and secure it in place with bobby pins. Or, for a more boho-chic look that also keeps those annoying baby hairs at bay, you can even tightly twist the scarf, place it at the top of your forehead and tie it at the nape of your neck.

Represent as Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is a World War II era cultural icon who represented the countless women who entered the workforce to support the war effort. Aside from the “We Can Do It!” slogan and Rosie’s determined expression, one of the most recognizable features of the Rosie the Riveter campaign is her red and white poka-dot bandana or headscarf. It’s a legendary symbol of boldness, hard work, tenacity, and above all female empowerment which is why this is another style that’s stood the test of time.

Many female factory workers of the 1940s wore their hair in this style for pragmatic reasons to keep it out of their faces while they worked and to protect it from chemical exposure, which is why it’s remained a powerful symbol of strength to this day. To achieve this look, simply place the scarf at the nape of your neck and tie both ends at the top of your head.

Vintage Hollywood Headscarf

The Golden Age of Hollywood has brought us many long-lasting and beloved styles, but one of the most recognizable and classically glamourous looks from that era is the headscarf and dark oversized sunglasses combination. Often sported by famous female film characters riding in a convertible or those who were trying to hide in plain sight or blend into a crowd (think Audrey Hepburn in Charade), this look has become synonymous with old Hollywood glamour in all its many variations.

You can wrap the scarf around your head like a bandana and tie it either directly under your chin or slightly off center. Or you can wrap the scarf around your head, covering your hair and loosely wrap or tie it around your neck depending on your preference. This is also a great way to keep your neck and face warm in the winter months. To make this look even more chic, you can add a stylish ornate or simple barrette on one side of your face that serves the double purpose of securing the scarf in place.

Turban-Style Italian Silk Scarf Headband

Another fun and super chic way of wearing an Italian silk scarf in your hair is as a turban-style headband. For generations, women of various cultural ethnicities have been wearing their hair in this style mostly for practical reasons like protecting it from sun exposure. Although this particular style was born more out of practicality and necessity, it’s become a popular method for young women to express their unique style while also keeping their hair out of their faces. This hair style can be worn in multiple ways. You can tie your hair in a bun, keep it down, or tie it in a ponytail. Even the positioning of the headband can vary depending on your mood and personal taste. Some women like to tie the bow on the top of their heads, while other women like to tie it at the nape of their neck.

Whichever way you choose to wear this look, it adds a lot of depth to any outfit.

Braid It Up!

Braiding it up is arguably one of the most chic, unique, and easiest ways to incorporate an Italian silk scarf into your hair design. Whether you wear a classic long braid, a side braid, a French braid, or a fishtail braid, all you have to do is simply tie the scarf around the base of your ponytail like you would a hair tie, then use the remainder of the scarf as one of the three sections for your braid. We recommend using a long, thin silk scarf for this particular style. The bolder and brighter the colours, the better!

For more amazing European hair styling and accessories inspiration, check out the Orietta Polo Collections online catalogue. We carry a wide variety of exceptional and one-of-a-kind silk scarves and other accessories made in Italy. Shop online or contact us to learn more about our brand.

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High-End Christmas Gift Options for Dad

Gift Options for Dad

Gift Options for DadAre you looking for that extra special perfect high-end Christmas gift for dad this holiday season, but aren’t sure what to get him? What does he need? What does he want? The holidays can be stressful enough without constantly worrying about getting the most appropriate gifts for your loved ones. Choosing the right gift for your dad demonstrates that you put a lot of forethought and hard work into his gift. Of course, showing him how much you care is the most priceless gift of all. But what do you get for the dad who seemingly has everything?

Accessorizing his wardrobe is a great place to start. Helping dad add stunning, sophisticated accessories to his collection that perfectly complement his clothing makes it easier for him to show off his high-end fashion sense.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a Christmas gift that dad will love for years to come, we have some amazing suggestions for you!

Silk Tie

Ties are one of the most common accessories men wear when dressing up for special occasions or even just to look professional in the office. Many men have a vast collection of ties for every occasion from casual to formal wear and everything in between. Silk ties are an essential piece for every man who’s looking to make an elegant fashion statement. They come in a variety of prints and colours, so you’re guaranteed to find at least one that perfectly suits (pun intended) your dad’s tastes and help him make a statement.

Bow Tie

Regardless of your dad’s style—whether it’s classy and sophisticated or mostly casual with a flair for bold patterns and colours—bow ties make a great statement piece that’s adaptable for any look. From fun and fancy to professional and refined, a beautiful silk or knitted bow tie elevates every outfit and makes a great addition to every man’s accessory collection.

Italian Pocket Squares

Often saved for formal occasions like weddings or baptisms, high quality Italian pocket squares are actually far more versatile than many people give them credit for and should therefore be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Silk pocket squares are an absolute must-have for every man who owns a suit. Even though they’re a minor accessory, the right pocket square can add just the right amount of pizzazz and really bring the whole look together.

As a general rule of thumb, though, the pocket square should never be an exact match with the bow tie or necktie. While they can and certainly should feature the same colour scheme, the designs and patterns should be different to complement one another. For instance, a solid bow tie or necktie should be paired with a patterned pocket square that features the same colour as the tie or vice versa regardless if the look is meant to be sophisticated or more casual.

Tie Clips

On the surface, tie clips may seem like a minor feature of any ensemble, but they’re an essential component that bring both form and functionality to the table. Also known as tie bars, tie slides, and tie clasps, these small pieces of metal don’t just create an air of sophistication and dapperness, but they also hold the tie in place to prevent it from moving around by affixing it to the underlying dress shirt.

Stylish Watches

This Christmas, give dad the gift of being able to tell time in style. In the age of activity-driven and sporty looking smart watches, not many men are wearing traditional gold or silver-plated watches with leather bound wristbands and real hour and minute hands. But your dad is and has always been different from other men. He has a unique sense of style that can and should be expressed through the accessories he wears and that includes a classic watch with luxurious and stunning handcrafted features.

Ornate Bracelets

Highly stylish bracelets that have unique features like beautiful leather bands, dynamic beads, and unique clasps can make excellent statement pieces for any outfit and they can easily transition from formal to casual wear as needed. High-end jewellery, particularly ornate bracelets with jaw-droppingly beautiful embellishments have been longstanding status symbols throughout history. Make your dad feel like the king that he is by gifting him a striking and unique piece of wrist candy this Christmas.


Cufflinks are another male wardrobe staple that no sophisticated gentleman should ever do without. Even if they’re only occasionally pulled out of the closet, dusted off, and worn for special events, the right pair of cufflinks are versatile enough to be paired with virtually any suit and tie ensemble for any special event. At some point in their lives, all men need a good pair of stylish cufflinks and every time your dad wears the ones you gave him for Christmas, he’ll think of you fondly.


Like bracelets, rings are another time-honoured marker of high status through the ages. They don’t have to be incredibly ornate to carry a lot of meaning and still be extremely fashionable. They just have to be unique and speak directly to your dad’s personal sense of style. Rings are also extremely versatile and adaptable to any outfit and situation, which means your dad will get a lot of use out of them.

Leather Bags

While it’s true that a lot of men tend to carry their wallets and keys around in their pockets, leather bags add a sense of class, style, and sophistication to their demeanour. Men enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life just as much as women and sometimes, they need to carry around more than just the bare essential items. A beautifully crafted leather briefcase or over the shoulder bag can help your dad express his suave and debonair sense of self.

Are you still looking for a place online to buy silk ties and other stylish accessories for dad this Christmas?

Look no further than Orietta Polo Collections. We’re a dynamic mother-daughter team of designers who have a penchant for the finer things in life. That’s why all of our versatile, durable, and beautiful styles are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces that are expertly crafted in Italy and perfectly suited for all style preferences. Contact us today to learn more about our brand or to place an order!

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5 Ways to Tie a Scarf Like a European

Aside from keeping your neck warm, scarves have a wide variety of uses. They can take a simple outfit and transform it from drab to exciting in an instant. When incorporated correctly into the right outfit, scarves can make great statement pieces that add a great deal of colour, texture, and flair. Europeans—specifically French and Italian women—are masters of perfectly incorporating high-quality silk scarves into their ensembles to the extent that they’re often idolized for their high fashion sense.

Keep reading for great tips on wearing scarves inspired by European styles.

The Classic French Knot

There’s a reason the French style is held to a high standard and Parisian designers in general are placed on a pedestal in the high fashion industry. They come up with innovative and unique style ideas like the French Knot. To tie your scarf like the French, fold the scarf into a thin band then wrap it around your neck. Next, cross the two ends of the band behind your neck and place the ends in front of your neck. Lastly, tie the knot under your chin and turn the scarf slightly to whichever side you prefer.

The Casual Over the Shoulder Look

Another major trend in European scarf wear is the casual over the shoulder look, which is perfect for adding a little sense of style to every ensemble. This is an easy and casual style that can be worn as loosely as you want for optimal style and comfort.

The Triangle

Tying your scarf into a triangle shape adds an extra layer of depth to your ensemble. This look works great if you’re wearing a V-neck top with a light leather jacket and jeans. Start by folding the scarf into a triangle shape and then place it in front of your neck. Make sure the pointed tip is facing downward and tie the ends behind your neck.

Wear It As a Belt

Many European women have also taken to wearing their scarves as a stylish belt. This has more to do with form rather than functionality, but it still serves as a great focal point and creates a unique look for a lot of fashionistas. Whether you’re wearing pants with belt hoops at the waist or a fitted or flowy skirt, tying a print silk Italian scarf around your waist can help you achieve the look you’re going for.

The Loop Tie

Taking a cue out of Kate Middleton’s book—a modern day style icon and respected Royal—the simple loop tie is an easy and fashionable look to pull off. Just roll the scarf into a tube shape (similar to how girl guides wear them). Place the rolled scarf on the base of your neck and loop the ends together in the front to add a flash of colour depth to any outfit.

Want more ideas and tips for wearing European scarves?

Keep checking the Orietta Polo Collections website for more unique style ideas. We’re a mother-daughter brand that’s committed to designing and creating limited edition handbags, scarves, and other must-have fashion accessories that are carefully crafted in Italy using only high-end materials. For more information or to place an order, please contact us!