How to Up Your Style Game in 2020 by Wearing Italian Silk Scarves as Hair Accessories

Posted by on Dec 19th, 2019 in European Fashion, High End Products
  • Fashion trends come and go, but perhaps one of the most enduring beauty accessories over the past few decades is the Italian silk scarf. Worn by such highly regarded and admired style icons like the sophisticated classic beauty Grace Kelly, the charming Audrey Hepburn, and the voluptuous and exotic Sophia Loren, the silk scarf is a timeless fashion accessory that has the versatility and power to make a bold statement through the art of style. From the classic Thelma and Louise-style headscarf to bracelets, neckwear,..

High-End Christmas Gift Options for Dad

Posted by on Dec 5th, 2019 in High End Products
  • Are you looking for that extra special perfect high-end Christmas gift for dad this holiday season, but aren’t sure what to get him? What does he need? What does he want? The holidays can be stressful enough without constantly worrying about getting the most appropriate gifts for your loved ones. Choosing the right gift for your dad demonstrates that you put a lot of forethought and hard work into his gift. Of course, showing him how much you care is the most priceless gift of..

5 Ways to Tie a Scarf Like a European

Posted by on Nov 29th, 2019 in European Fashion
  • Aside from keeping your neck warm, scarves have a wide variety of uses. They can take a simple outfit and transform it from drab to exciting in an instant. When incorporated correctly into the right outfit, scarves can make great statement pieces that add a great deal of colour, texture, and flair. Europeans—specifically French and Italian women—are masters of perfectly incorporating high-quality silk scarves into their ensembles to the extent that they’re often idolized for their high fashion sense. Keep reading for great tips on..