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How to Up Your Style Game in 2020 by Wearing Italian Silk Scarves as Hair Accessories

Italian Scarf

Italian ScarfFashion trends come and go, but perhaps one of the most enduring beauty accessories over the past few decades is the Italian silk scarf. Worn by such highly regarded and admired style icons like the sophisticated classic beauty Grace Kelly, the charming Audrey Hepburn, and the voluptuous and exotic Sophia Loren, the silk scarf is a timeless fashion accessory that has the versatility and power to make a bold statement through the art of style.

From the classic Thelma and Louise-style headscarf to bracelets, neckwear, belts, sashes, and more, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the versatility of a beautiful European scarf. That’s what makes the silk scarf so unique. It has the power to quite literally transform any outfit into whatever the wearer wants it to be. You can go from work casual to evening wear with the same silk scarf simply by changing the way you wear it, which is why so many Instagram fashion influencers love it.

But perhaps the most popular and lasting fashion statement is wearing a silk scarf as a hair accessory. A wide variety of bright colours, different patterns, bold prints, and solid styles makes it easy to find a beautiful Italian silk scarf for pretty much any occasion. When it comes European-inspired hair styling and accessories, there are so many stunning and distinctive silk scarf options to choose from that you’re bound to find several personal style staples for your collection.

As style experts, we’ve taken the liberty of listing off some of our favourite ways to wear a silk scarf as a hair accessory, so feel free to use any of these ideas!

Bun It Up!

For a chic, yet casual and relaxed look, you can throw your hair up in a loose or tight messy top or low bun and tie a beautiful silk scarf around it. Loosely wrap the scarf around the parameter of the bun a few times and secure it in place with bobby pins. Or, for a more boho-chic look that also keeps those annoying baby hairs at bay, you can even tightly twist the scarf, place it at the top of your forehead and tie it at the nape of your neck.

Represent as Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter is a World War II era cultural icon who represented the countless women who entered the workforce to support the war effort. Aside from the “We Can Do It!” slogan and Rosie’s determined expression, one of the most recognizable features of the Rosie the Riveter campaign is her red and white poka-dot bandana or headscarf. It’s a legendary symbol of boldness, hard work, tenacity, and above all female empowerment which is why this is another style that’s stood the test of time.

Many female factory workers of the 1940s wore their hair in this style for pragmatic reasons to keep it out of their faces while they worked and to protect it from chemical exposure, which is why it’s remained a powerful symbol of strength to this day. To achieve this look, simply place the scarf at the nape of your neck and tie both ends at the top of your head.

Vintage Hollywood Headscarf

The Golden Age of Hollywood has brought us many long-lasting and beloved styles, but one of the most recognizable and classically glamourous looks from that era is the headscarf and dark oversized sunglasses combination. Often sported by famous female film characters riding in a convertible or those who were trying to hide in plain sight or blend into a crowd (think Audrey Hepburn in Charade), this look has become synonymous with old Hollywood glamour in all its many variations.

You can wrap the scarf around your head like a bandana and tie it either directly under your chin or slightly off center. Or you can wrap the scarf around your head, covering your hair and loosely wrap or tie it around your neck depending on your preference. This is also a great way to keep your neck and face warm in the winter months. To make this look even more chic, you can add a stylish ornate or simple barrette on one side of your face that serves the double purpose of securing the scarf in place.

Turban-Style Italian Silk Scarf Headband

Another fun and super chic way of wearing an Italian silk scarf in your hair is as a turban-style headband. For generations, women of various cultural ethnicities have been wearing their hair in this style mostly for practical reasons like protecting it from sun exposure. Although this particular style was born more out of practicality and necessity, it’s become a popular method for young women to express their unique style while also keeping their hair out of their faces. This hair style can be worn in multiple ways. You can tie your hair in a bun, keep it down, or tie it in a ponytail. Even the positioning of the headband can vary depending on your mood and personal taste. Some women like to tie the bow on the top of their heads, while other women like to tie it at the nape of their neck.

Whichever way you choose to wear this look, it adds a lot of depth to any outfit.

Braid It Up!

Braiding it up is arguably one of the most chic, unique, and easiest ways to incorporate an Italian silk scarf into your hair design. Whether you wear a classic long braid, a side braid, a French braid, or a fishtail braid, all you have to do is simply tie the scarf around the base of your ponytail like you would a hair tie, then use the remainder of the scarf as one of the three sections for your braid. We recommend using a long, thin silk scarf for this particular style. The bolder and brighter the colours, the better!

For more amazing European hair styling and accessories inspiration, check out the Orietta Polo Collections online catalogue. We carry a wide variety of exceptional and one-of-a-kind silk scarves and other accessories made in Italy. Shop online or contact us to learn more about our brand.

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High-End Christmas Gift Options for Dad

Gift Options for Dad

Gift Options for DadAre you looking for that extra special perfect high-end Christmas gift for dad this holiday season, but aren’t sure what to get him? What does he need? What does he want? The holidays can be stressful enough without constantly worrying about getting the most appropriate gifts for your loved ones. Choosing the right gift for your dad demonstrates that you put a lot of forethought and hard work into his gift. Of course, showing him how much you care is the most priceless gift of all. But what do you get for the dad who seemingly has everything?

Accessorizing his wardrobe is a great place to start. Helping dad add stunning, sophisticated accessories to his collection that perfectly complement his clothing makes it easier for him to show off his high-end fashion sense.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a Christmas gift that dad will love for years to come, we have some amazing suggestions for you!

Silk Tie

Ties are one of the most common accessories men wear when dressing up for special occasions or even just to look professional in the office. Many men have a vast collection of ties for every occasion from casual to formal wear and everything in between. Silk ties are an essential piece for every man who’s looking to make an elegant fashion statement. They come in a variety of prints and colours, so you’re guaranteed to find at least one that perfectly suits (pun intended) your dad’s tastes and help him make a statement.

Bow Tie

Regardless of your dad’s style—whether it’s classy and sophisticated or mostly casual with a flair for bold patterns and colours—bow ties make a great statement piece that’s adaptable for any look. From fun and fancy to professional and refined, a beautiful silk or knitted bow tie elevates every outfit and makes a great addition to every man’s accessory collection.

Italian Pocket Squares

Often saved for formal occasions like weddings or baptisms, high quality Italian pocket squares are actually far more versatile than many people give them credit for and should therefore be a staple in every man’s wardrobe. Silk pocket squares are an absolute must-have for every man who owns a suit. Even though they’re a minor accessory, the right pocket square can add just the right amount of pizzazz and really bring the whole look together.

As a general rule of thumb, though, the pocket square should never be an exact match with the bow tie or necktie. While they can and certainly should feature the same colour scheme, the designs and patterns should be different to complement one another. For instance, a solid bow tie or necktie should be paired with a patterned pocket square that features the same colour as the tie or vice versa regardless if the look is meant to be sophisticated or more casual.

Tie Clips

On the surface, tie clips may seem like a minor feature of any ensemble, but they’re an essential component that bring both form and functionality to the table. Also known as tie bars, tie slides, and tie clasps, these small pieces of metal don’t just create an air of sophistication and dapperness, but they also hold the tie in place to prevent it from moving around by affixing it to the underlying dress shirt.

Stylish Watches

This Christmas, give dad the gift of being able to tell time in style. In the age of activity-driven and sporty looking smart watches, not many men are wearing traditional gold or silver-plated watches with leather bound wristbands and real hour and minute hands. But your dad is and has always been different from other men. He has a unique sense of style that can and should be expressed through the accessories he wears and that includes a classic watch with luxurious and stunning handcrafted features.

Ornate Bracelets

Highly stylish bracelets that have unique features like beautiful leather bands, dynamic beads, and unique clasps can make excellent statement pieces for any outfit and they can easily transition from formal to casual wear as needed. High-end jewellery, particularly ornate bracelets with jaw-droppingly beautiful embellishments have been longstanding status symbols throughout history. Make your dad feel like the king that he is by gifting him a striking and unique piece of wrist candy this Christmas.


Cufflinks are another male wardrobe staple that no sophisticated gentleman should ever do without. Even if they’re only occasionally pulled out of the closet, dusted off, and worn for special events, the right pair of cufflinks are versatile enough to be paired with virtually any suit and tie ensemble for any special event. At some point in their lives, all men need a good pair of stylish cufflinks and every time your dad wears the ones you gave him for Christmas, he’ll think of you fondly.


Like bracelets, rings are another time-honoured marker of high status through the ages. They don’t have to be incredibly ornate to carry a lot of meaning and still be extremely fashionable. They just have to be unique and speak directly to your dad’s personal sense of style. Rings are also extremely versatile and adaptable to any outfit and situation, which means your dad will get a lot of use out of them.

Leather Bags

While it’s true that a lot of men tend to carry their wallets and keys around in their pockets, leather bags add a sense of class, style, and sophistication to their demeanour. Men enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life just as much as women and sometimes, they need to carry around more than just the bare essential items. A beautifully crafted leather briefcase or over the shoulder bag can help your dad express his suave and debonair sense of self.

Are you still looking for a place online to buy silk ties and other stylish accessories for dad this Christmas?

Look no further than Orietta Polo Collections. We’re a dynamic mother-daughter team of designers who have a penchant for the finer things in life. That’s why all of our versatile, durable, and beautiful styles are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces that are expertly crafted in Italy and perfectly suited for all style preferences. Contact us today to learn more about our brand or to place an order!