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About Us



It’s  Orietta and Orianna Polo and we are the founders of Orietta Polo Collections. 

Thank you for coming on this page to learn more about us.
We are a Mother-Daughter brand and we would love to share with you how we got started, our vision, and what this brand means to us.
We are originally from Venezuela, Caracas, and immigrated to Canada 20 years ago. We have always thought about starting a business together and fine art and design is something we have always found a mutual interest in. It was on our first trip to beautiful Italy that we realized this was it. This was the place where we would love to design beautiful sophisticated pieces together. Since then, we have continued to design and make 100% of our products in Italy with the best quality materials Italy has to offer. To us, creating beautiful designs is not enough. For us to really believe in this brand from its early stages we realized we needed to create a brand that always delivered these two core principles :

High quality product that adds value to you

We found that it was hard to find a sense of value on items we purchasedthat were mass produced simply because it was on “trend” and at a very low price.In fact it remained in the closet after the second use, as it would be out of trend as soon as another item became popular or it was not in the same condition we bough it in. Our brand delivers the opposite. When you receive our product it becomes a part of your lifestyle and that is our goal. It is sophisticated, elegant and luxurious. It is made from unique, classic, exclusive designs that will not go out of style. We have the pleasure of having created an amazing community within our team that delivers world- famous craftsmanship andhave the combination of all the skills and technology to deliver perfection while using the best Italian local materials. We truly want to create a product that makes you not only stand out in any room with its beautiful aesthetic but also a product that won’t let you down with its durability. We are very passionate about the process of each accessory we design for you and it is our mission to always be 100% transparent with the production process so you can see its value. It is a product that once you hold it, it speaks for itself.

Sustainability : Timeless luxurious Design

We believe in creating something that is not only timeless but sustainable. A product that lets its quality speak for itself but also protects the environment. Our brand is the opposite of fast fashion. We believe every small step makes a big difference. For us, it is important to create beautiful products that have a low- eco impact, from the smart use of materials to limit waste fabric, to creating exclusive limited collections engineered to last a lifetime. We operate with the goal of always delivering quality over quantity. Each accessory is versatile. It is meant to be an accessory that can be worn in more than one type of occasion which reduces spending, limits the amount of accessories used daily and becomes a greater investment due to the products long lifespan.

This has been an incredible journey for us so far, and we are grateful that we have the opportunity to share our story and vision with you.