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Article: 8 Reasons You Need Real Italian Luxury Silk Scarves in Your Life (Your Wardrobe Will Thank You!)

8 Reasons You Need Real Italian Luxury Silk Scarves in Your Life (Your Wardrobe Will Thank You!)

8 Reasons You Need Real Italian Luxury Silk Scarves in Your Life (Your Wardrobe Will Thank You!)

Known as the City of Silk, Italy’s scenic and idyllic Lake Como is the epicenter of European silk production. About 85% of the silk used for various industries across Italy, including high fashion, is produced in Como. Seventy percent of the silk used throughout the rest of Europe is also produced there. In fact, Italy has a rich history of producing beautiful high-quality fabrics that are made to last a lifetime. That type of attention to detail and reverence for keeping tradition alive is the main driving force behind Italy’s thriving fashion industry and its world-renown high standards. When it comes to fashion, the term “Made in Italy” signifies high quality, longevity, and attention to detail. That’s why luxury Italian silk scarves are an important staple in every modern fashion lover’s wardrobe.

Italy’s Commitment to Quality

Centuries ago, silk was cultivated directly from Lake Como, but the economic downfall caused by two World Wars forced Italian fashion designers to abandon their local sources and form a partnership with Chinese silkworm providers instead. Following World War II, silkworms were transported from China to Italy through what’s historically called The Silk Road—a famous network of water and land-based trade passageways.
Given Lake Como’s ideal climate for silkworm breeding and the cultivation of mulberry trees in the area which the worms consume for survival, modern silk production companies are working toward localizing the practice of silkworm breeding once again.
With that in mind, here are six reasons why you should invest in luxury silk Italian scarf fashions online.

Designs Are Made in Italy

Even though the silkworms themselves are still currently being bred in China and transported to Italy, the designs of the scarves are manufactured in Italy’s Lake Como region using traditional threading, spinning, and colouring practices. In addition connoting a high standard of quality, the Made in Italy label on Italian silk scarves and other products is emblematic of the longstanding tradition of supporting local artisans and designers.

Luxury Silk You Can Feel

Italian silk production isn’t just an industry practice; it’s considered an art form that Italians take great pride in. From the weaving and spinning of the threads to the designs and colours printed on the scarves, even the minutest details are carefully executed to ensure the utmost highest quality end product and this is evident in the texture of the scarves.

Luxury Italian Silk Scarves Are Sustainable

Some Italian silk production companies have already gone back to the customary method of using locally grown silkworms to cultivate the yarn that is then woven into silk. This is both an economically and environmentally sustainable practice as it relies on the use of local silkworms rather than having them transported or imported from China.

Supporting Local Family-Owned Businesses

Many of the silk production factories and businesses throughout Italy have been family-owned and operated for generations. Their work can be seen in the form of stunning silk tapestries hanging in cathedrals as well as on an international scale for upholstery, bedding, clothing, and a lot more. When you purchase made in Italy silk scarves, you’re directly or indirectly supporting those families and sporting the fruit of their labour.
Given the strenuous and elaborate threading and printing process, a luxury silk scarf can take about six months to fabricate. But the result is well worth it if it means enabling local Italian families to pass down their traditions from one generation to the next. It also gives you a meaningful and high-quality family heirloom to pass down to your next of kin as well, one that transcends current fashion trends and will never go out of style.

Unique Italian Designs

Trends come and go, but unique Italian designs are forever. When you invest in a high-quality Italian silk scarf, you know you’re getting something truly special. High-end silk scarves can last a lifetime and are made to be compatible with a wide range of personal tastes. The right silk scarf can be used to create an effortless sophisticated look that can easily transition from professional or casual daytime wear to eveningwear.

Luxury Italian Scarves Help You Keep Up with Seasonal Styles

Available in a wide range of colour palettes, designs, and patterns, high-end luxury Italian silk scarves help you stay on top of seasonal trends and styles. Silk scarves can be embroidered and paired with stunning pieces of jewellery to help tie them into any ensemble or they can be made to stand out as a statement piece in and of their own merits.

Versatile Styles

Versatility is another great reason to invest in a real Italian silk scarf. They can be worn as headbands; hair ties in a low ponytail, bun, or even woven into a beautiful long braid; or they can be worn as a fashion accessory around your neck, on your wrist, or on your purse. Silk scarves can even be worn as a stylish belt around the waist to add a stunning pop of colour and intrigue and create an enviable hourglass silhouette. No matter what your fashion sense or mood dictates for the day, adding a real Italian silk scarf to your outfit is a great way to make you stand out from the fold.

Italian Silk Scarves Are Timeless

As mentioned, luxury Italian silk scarves transcend modern trends and time simultaneously. In the 1950s, the beautiful and iconic Italian actress, Sophia Loren, popularized the incorporation of silk scarves into modern fashion. Paired with a tight fitting top, long knee-length pencil skirt, and oversized sunglasses, her look is now considered to be the epitome of a classic and timeless beauty.
Adding a real Italian made silk scarf to your wardrobe gives you endless options to transform regular outfits from bland to outstanding.
Orietta Polo Collections is a high-end online Italian fashion line owned by a mother-daughter team. Our designs are 100% authentically made in Italy. We design and create each piece including beautiful Italian silk scarves, ties, jewellery, purses, and pocket squares. All of our designs are handcrafted in limited quantities, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Browse our online catalogue or contact us to learn more!

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